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Below is a detailed resume service review of Cpresumes.com. We provide in-depth information regarding the nation's top resume writing services so you can find the right company to meet your resume preparation needs.

Cpresumes.com is the online division of Careers Plus Resumes, Inc.

This company has a long list of credentials to back up their expertise in the field of resume writing, career management, and job search services. We have found no legitimate Careers Plus Resumes complaints as of yet and have discovered that they also have many memberships with reputable industry-related organizations. As part of their membership with the National Resume Writers' Association and Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, they must agree to accurately and fairly advertise products, services, and business qualifications according to the best business practices and local, state and federal laws while complying with all professional resume service guidelines in maintaining total client confidentiality. Furthermore, they must commit to learning, exchanging ideas and information, and gaining the expertise to best help each client achieve their personal career goals.

Unlike many other resume services, Cpresumes.com's writers speak directly with you to discuss your career background and craft a comprehensive marketing strategy that presents you as a multi-talented professional, strategic planner, and business oriented visionary...someone whose innovation and leadership has served as a catalyst in driving companies' successes. Careers Plus Resumes also has Certified Resume Writers who are industry-leading experts in the development of targeted resumes. Cpresumes.com even has a video showing you how to get your resume professionally written through their website.

Careers Plus Resumes understands the high demand for a marketable and powerful document that will get your foot in the door of a potential employer and make a long-lasting first impression. This is why they have teamed up with the top job search resources in the nation to also provide you with the most valuable resources and career tools that will help achieve this goal.

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Resume Writing Specialties:

Entry Level (less than 5 years of experience): What exactly is an entry-level job and should you consider taking one? Entry level careers were traditionally first jobs for new graduates or school leavers, giving them that all-important first step on the career ladder. With so many candidates changing careers more often by choice or as a result of the uncertainty of today's job market, entry-level careers are no longer just for the young. Whatever your age, an entry level position may not be what you had in mind, but it isn?t always as negative an option as you might think. That being said, Careers Plus Resumes can help you achieve the results you have been looking for in a resume service.
Professional Level: Careers Plus Resumes is committed to excellence in resume writing & editing for both candidates and employers. They will help meet your job search needs by providing highly focused, targeted, quality, timely, and professional resume services. This service is ideal if you are a mid-career professional seeking a career change or advancement. Our writers can help you strategize your goals to meet the specifications of the job, giving you an edge over the competition. Everyone knows, as a professional, the competition can be fierce when applying for a job opening. Utilizing a professional resume service can help you to overcome the main obstacle, which is landing the interview.
Executive & C-Level: As an executive, you've worked hard to reach your current level of expertise, skills and abilities. Expecting to perfect the skill of identifying your personal brand, selling yourself in an interview, or conducting an expert job search campaign during this critical time in your life can be difficult and stressful. It doesn't have to be that way! In fact, many successful executives have found that hiring a resume service helped them in many ways, such as realizing accomplishments they had underestimated, finding their most powerful strengths and contributions, setting higher expectations about the job to aim for, seeing how others perceive them, and speaking with confidence and poise during an interview. Personal branding is an innovative way of managing your career or business venture. It is a process that helps you identify what differentiates you from your peers. An executive resume service can help you discover and communicate what makes you unique, relevant, and compelling. That's where Careers Plus Resumes comes into play.
Government | Military Transition: Careers Plus Resumes, Inc. is a provider of Government Resume Services in the United States of America. Our Government Resume Writing Program is a premier service helping United States citizens of all ages, backgrounds, and skill-sets in finding high paying careers in federal agencies with unmatched job security with the United States Government! If you've ever attempted landing a government position on your own, whether you are a retired military veteran or a government service job candidate, then you will know that this process can be highly demanding. With over 100 different applications and examinations, even the most motivated of individuals get lost in these screening processes, searching for a position to no avail. Luckily, Careers Plus Resumes is here to help! With expert guidance from some of our most highly regarded writers and field professionals, landing an interview with the government employer that's right for you has never been easier.
Curriculum Vitae (CV): A CV differs from a resume in that it is used more for candidates with extensive Scientific, Medical, or Academic backgrounds with significantly more information to provide than a traditional resume. This information could include dissertations, publications, fellowships, grants, presentations, languages, personal hobbies, and more which generally would not be included in a resume. CVs should only be used for these types of situations and career fields when necessary, or to apply for jobs in European nations where a CV may be required.
Careers Plus Resumes offers multiple service levels based on the needs of their clients, including "Resume Writing" for $149 and "Resume Editing" for $99. Choose "Resume Writing" if you need a completely new resume developed from scratch by a CPRW. Choose "Resume Editing" if you want a CPRW to revamp and improve your existing resume.

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